Jul 292008

Check out the pic below from our baptism Sunday night and Alli’s testimony below the picture! 

Baptism at the Grove

“As an infant I was baptized in the Catholic Church just as all of my siblings were. At such a young age I was unable to understand the meaning of having a relationship with Jesus or what a baptism symbolizes. The only time my family usually goes to church is for special occasions like weddings, holidays, and fore funerals because my parents have always worked on the weekends.

My journey with Church at the Grove began when I met Alyi Marie O’Neal. One day, in February of this year, she invited me to go bowling with her. I did not realize that i was going on an outing with a church until we had arrived at Oasis Bowl. I felt like the members of the youth group greeting me and made me feel welcome. While I was there I filled out an encounter card and within 2 days I received a letter in the mail inviting me to come to Wednesday night youth group. I have been attending and loving it ever since.

Since February, I have been influenced, by the older girls in the youth group that walk with Jesus, and I have been praying that I could have a passionate relationship with god. Just recently, June 10th-12th, I went on a lake retreat with the youth group. While there, I told the other girls how I envied their relationship with God and with the awesome support of ALL of the girls, I finally found and felt him. As we were praying, I was crying uncontrollably and Jesus came to me and told me that everything was going to be okay. Since this happened, I can now pray and talk to Jesus and feel like I am being heard but not just talking to hear myself talk.

Thank you to Mrs. Christi Spears and her family for all of your support in helping me to start my Journey. Also I thank everyone at Church at the Grove for your help and support as well. I have grown to love you all. I am still growing and I am sure that your support will be needed in the future.”

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Jul 022008

It has been devastating to see the lasting impact that Hurricane Katrina has had on the city of New Orleans but the city will bounce back and may bounce on the shoulders of the emerging generation of volunteers flocking to the city to attend one of the universities. 

“The city’s three major universities — Tulane, Loyola and Xavier — have all seen spikes in the number of applications and projected enrollment of their freshman classes this year. Part of the reason: the city’s post-Katrina identity as a place to go for young volunteers who want to put a battered community back on track.”

USA Today printed an article based on the surge freshmen applications to the city’s universities, specifically Tulane, Loyola, and Xavier.  Read the entire article here. 

What does this say about the heartbeat of the emerging generation?  They want to make a practical difference with their life!  What does this say about the spiritual hunger among people of this generation?  I think they are looking for a faith that is lived out daily in a way that makes a practical difference in areas of practical need.

“These kids are coming down intent on getting the city back on its feet,” said Earl Retif, Tulane’s vice president for enrollment.

What do you think?  How could this impact our ministries in the local church?

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Apr 252008

Last night our Student Community Group had 32 students!  WOW!  That is awesome, but it also means that we need to think about space for them.   See pics below.

If you know of a space like a warehouse, an empty business space or anything, let us know so that we can look at providing our students with a place to grow. 

Thank you to Nathan and Katelyn for your awesome leadership with our students.


Students CATG

Students CATG

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