Jun 072008

 DAWGS Super regional

Today was a DAWG Day afternoon!  I had a blast taking Josiah to see the Diamond DAWGS play in the Super Regional of the NCAA baseball championship tournament.  They were playing North Carolina State and whoever wins 2 games out of 3 goes on to the College Baseball World Series in Omaha.  Georgia won Friday, NC State won today so they play tomorrow for the trip to Omaha.  I love doing things like this with my kids.  It was hot, but it was a blast!  Josiah loves it!

Craig Story’s birthday is tomorrow June 8!  Craig will be 3? years old.  He is a very YOUNG man!  Make sure and give Craig a “Happy Birthday”!, a hug, a pat on the back, a big thanks for all he does, a high five, OH YEAH and MONEY!  Well, make sure you acknowledge his birthday. 

Tomorrow starts our new One Prayer series.  It is going to be a great four weeks.  The part that I am exited about the most is the fact that we will be joining with over 1200 other churches and almost one million other believers in four weeks of praying, fasting and giving in order to see God break through and do something amazing. 

One Prayer

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Apr 092008


Big week in golf!  I don’t know why, but I love Masters Week.  It goes beyond the fact that I love golf.  Here are a few thoughts:

  • It started with a man and his vision for a course and a tournament.  Bobby Jones, his love for the game of golf and his desire for a special place and event put into motion what has become known as The Masters.
  • There is an aura around the tournament that is a result of a set standard of excellence.
  • The leadership of the Masters decided to develop a “culture” independent of anything else in the golf world.
  • There is a vigilant commitment to retaining the sanctity and tradition surrounding the event.
  • The atmosphere and the environment is respected and honored.  Commercialism stops at the gates!  There is no compromising the resistance to corporate commercialism.  I love the $1.50 egg salad sandwiches and the other reasonable prices for food.
  • The course is beautiful and the tournament takes place in the perfect time of the year to show off the Georgia Azaleas.  It is my perfect metaphor for heaven. 
  • It is an exclusive number of players that are invited and while it is not the “current” strongest field of the year, it is special how The Masters holds its legends in high regard. 

The leadership, vision, standard of excellence, and the execution utilized to pull off The Masters is richly full of life and ministry lessons that apply to a myriad of settings.

What do you think can be learned from The Masters and its rich environment and atmosphere?

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