Feb 042009

Today was a great day!

UGA had a huge surprise that made their College Football Signing Day exciting!


Cheeze Its are on sale at Publix!

What gets you excited?  Is it possible that when we find pleasure and joy in a way that exceeds our delight in God that the object becomes an idol?  I don’t want to worship football or Cheeze Its!

Let me know what you think.

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Jul 232008

I was running yesterday with a friend that should remain nameless (lets call him Troy).  In the last two months I have made a renewed commitment to exercise and fitness following Craig’s sermon a while back on consequences.  I have been doing fine by myself but I have run a couple of times with Troy to enjoy it with someone else.  You need to know that Troy is pretty much a professional runner.  He has been running for a long time, he actually enjoys it, and he is built and wired in a way that he is fast at distance running.  I am a short, fat, and slow long distance runner.  If I didn’t know it was good for me, I would not do it! 

Let’s get to the point;  Troy likes to talk when he runs.  The truth is that he is expending so much less energy while running slow with me that he has the capacity to carry on a conversation and run at the same time.  I give him one-word short responses that are hard to understand due to the heavy breathing.  I simply can’t run and talk at the same time!

After Craig’s message on relationships Sunday, I have been thinking about how hard it is in life to run and talk at the same time.  Remember, Craig’s teaching point was “God’s works most effectively in us and through us in the context of relationships with others”. 

It is simply hard to build relationships without talking and you can’t talk and RUN while living at such a fast-paced life.  It is impossible!

Stop the running!  Slow down enough to talk and build some meaningful relationships with people!  Because you can’t run and talk at the same time!  Believe me, I know! 

Thanks to Troy……..

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