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The Power of Financial Vision

The Power of a Specific Vision
Warren Buffett caught a specific vision and caught it early. He was born in 1930, in the midst of the Great Depression, which stripped his dad of his job and savings. They had food to eat, but that was about all. Perhaps those bleak years built into Warren an early passion to get ahead financially. 

His financial  vision took hold of him before he was five. (1) Seriously ill at age seven, he prophetically told a nurse, “I don’t have much money now, but someday I will and I’ll have my picture in the paper.” In elementary school, he’d tell his classmates that he planned to be rich before his 35th birthday. (2)

Once he caught his vision, he could pursue it in very specific ways. 

Thanks to my friend Steve Miller for this financial tip from Enjoy Your Money.

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May 202009

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  5. Groceries Cash envelopes and coupons really work!

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