Mar 022012

Hebrews 3:13 (ESV)
13 But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

The word “exhort” means to “plead” or “urge” or “encourage”.  The writer of Hebrews is encouraging the reader to stay connected in your faith by being involved with other followers of Jesus.

Our mission at Church at the Grove is to lead people to follow Jesus and Make Disciples and we accomplish that by doing three things:

We create environments where people can explore faith and what it means to follow Jesus at their own pace.
This begins with our Sunday morning gatherings at Walnut Grove High School and Social Circle Middle School.  We gather, worship Jesus and study the Bible.  God speaks, we listen and hopefully we are challenged to obey.

We encourage relationships.
This happens primarily through our Community Groups that meet in homes at various times throughout the week.  Some do meet in offices or other places.  Discipleship happens best in the context of relationships and you can’t encounter this type of community by sitting in a row on Sunday morning staring at the backs of people’s heads.

We start discussions in the community that lead to sharing the hope that is found in Jesus.
This happens everyday through crossing paths with your neighbors, family members and the people you see at work or in your circle of friendships.  We often do ministry through community projects that crosses our paths with people in our community.

Here are a few specific ways to connect with people coming up at Church at the Grove:

Easter Sunday April 8

Easter is an incredible day to invite your friends and family to join you for church.  Don’t miss this opportunity to connect people you know to Church at the Grove on the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!


Last Saturday we had a team of 25-30 people gather to do a clean up job following a house fire that recently burned a family’s home.  We will try to complete the demo project this Saturday 8:30 till about 3pm.  This will serve this sweet elderly couple who will not have the adequate funds to demo the old house and completely rebuild with a new home.  Please join us! This is a huge way to connect with others in our church family.

Next Steps Newcomer lunch

About once per month we gather in a home following a Sunday gathering so newcomers can hear about the vision, mission and purpose of Church at the Grove.  Sunday March 4 is the next “Next Steps” gathering.  Email or call if you would like to make a reservation.


Church at the Grove desires to lead people to follow Jesus and Make Disciples.  Disciples follow Jesus and get involved in multiplying relationships.

As a pastor, one of my roles is to plead, urge and exhort you to get involved and connected in the life of a church!

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