Jul 202010

Big Idea:
God transfers us in order to TRANSFORM us!

Scripture Memory:
Colossians 1:13–14 (ESV)
13 He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Action Step:
Identify one specific action/area of your life that needs surrendering to Jesus and turn it over to Him today.  Begin everyday with a prayer of surrender and walk IN CHRIST.

Random Thoughts:

  • I am planning to vote today!  I hope you are!
  • I am praying for Tom Kirby.  I love Tom and he has worked so hard in campaigning for the 7th district congressional seat.  I know he loves Jesus and wants to serve in the best interest of the people in our area.
  • What a great weekend in the life of Church at the Grove!  Saturday night was our first IGNITE prayer/worship gathering at the Sweet Aroma room right behind the bakery.  We had an awesome time in worship and prayer.  I know and believe that God honors those that honor Him and come to Him in prayer.  I can’t wait to see the fruit!  You don’t want to miss the next IGNITE!
  • Sunday morning was incredible.  I love Austin and the worship team.  We missed Austin last week (although Shelley did an awesome job) and it was great to have him back.  I am loving this series on the book of Colossians!  It is so rich in Jesus centered theology and practical truth for our lives.
  • As much as I enjoy summer, I am about ready for the fall to get here.  I am ready for people to be back in town and for everyone to get back to the ministry of CATG!
  • We continue to have a ton of guests each week come through CATG!  We can’t relax, we must be there early, focus on welcoming people that are new and come ready to hear God’s Word and apply it to our lives!
  • The Romania team had our last meeting last night (Monday July 19).  We packed and weighed our luggage and spent some time praying.  We leave this Friday (July 23) and would love to have as many people praying for us as possible.  Please pray!
  • We are working hard to prepare for Community Groups this fall.  We need a few more host homes and a few more leaders (facilitators)!  Please pray about being a host or a leader for one of our Community Groups.
  • I am praying and expecting a BIG FALL for Church at the Grove!  Please join me in praying that God will use this fall in a HUGE way to impact our community and change lives.

Keep praying, keep investing, keep inviting!

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Jul 162010

Big Idea:
Jesus is creator and re-creator. He is sovereign and redeemer.

Scripture memory:
Colossians 1:19 (ESV)
For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell.

Action Step:
Address a current issue/crisis in your life knowing you can trust Jesus as sovereign creator and personal redeemer.

Random Thoughts:

  • I love the spring and summer but I think I am ready for the fall to get here!  I am ready for it to cool off!  More than anything, I am ready for the fall because I believe it will be the most exciting fall ever for Church at the Grove!
  • I am so ready to get our Community Groups up and going! Can’t wait!
  • I am look forward to this Saturday night at the Sweet Aroma Bakery for “IGNITE”!  It will be a sweet time of worship and prayer!  Don’t miss it at 6:30pm at the Sweet Aroma Bakery in Loganville!
  • I loved Sunday!  I always miss Austin Prince when he is gone, but Shelley Prince did an awesome job leading worship Sunday morning!  I am so thankful for Gabe and all of our worship team!
  • I love teaching from the book of Colossians!  It’s all about JESUS!
  • We had an incredible “NEXT STEPS” gathering at the Butcher house on Sunday!  We had six families and a total of 33 people in attendance counting kids!  WOW!  I love sharing the vision of Church at the Grove!  We have had a large number of guests come through this summer and many are connecting long term.  I hope and pray that YOU WILL HELP ME LOVE ON, WELCOME, AND CONNECT THESE NEW PEOPLE INTO OUR COMMUNITY!
  • We had our final training/meeting for Romania on Sunday night! We leave on Friday July 23 and it will be an awesome trip.  I hope you will pray for our team as we minister alongside the Hardin family and to the people of Romania.
  • This Sunday will be an awesome Sunday!  We will be in part two of our “IN CHRIST” series and on Sunday night we are having our second Baptism/fellowship of the summer.  We are baptizing several people on Sunday night.  Don’t miss it.  Come and join us for food, fun, swimming and baptism!
  • We had one of our largest offerings in a long time this week!  Thank you for your generosity in giving to support what God is doing!  It helped catch us up for the summer.  Please continue to give consistently and faithfully to support our ministries locally and globally.
  • What an awesome blessing to be a part of what God is doing in the life of Church at the Grove right now!

Keep praying, keep investing, keep inviting! See you Sunday!

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