Jun 172009

Big Idea:
God Still has the whole World in His hands!

Notes from Andy Stanley’s OnePrayer message:

  • The Bible is a book written and offered in the midst of extraordinary uncertainty.
  • In the midst of uncertainty God is certain!
  • If there is ever a time to read the Bible it is now!  In times of uncertainty we should run to the Bible!!
  • Look at a list of major characters in the stories of the Bible;  They are dealt with circumstances of uncertainty. 
  • Can you trust God?  Can you maintain faith in God?
  • Can we/Will we maintain faith in Him when we cannot see His hand?

Random Thoughts:

  • I always HATE missing a Sunday at Church at the Grove!
  • I took my family and drove out to Paulding County and worship with my friend Steve Whipple at Church at the Ridge.  I love Steve and his family.  Their church is several months older than Church at the Grove but very similar in philosophy, vision and style.  They are also in the OnePrayer series this month.  Steve and Church at the Ridge are doing some awesome work in South Paulding County. 
  • I loved being at Church at the Ridge, but I always miss Church at the Grove!
  • I try to get away to visit other churches a couple of times during the year to learn and stay sharp/focused on the vision that God has called us to here!
  • I had a great week completeing several “Acts of Kindness” and I am looking forward to continuing the challenge this week.
  • I encourage all of you to continue in your “Acts of Kindness”, and enter your reports at resurrectinghope.com.  Share your ministry with others.  It offers encouragement and it challenges others at the same time. 
  • One thing God challenged me with regarding this week’s “OnePrayer” message from Andy Stanley is:  A pastor’s role is to foster trust in God. 
  • My role is to bridge the gap from where people currently are to where God wants them to be.
  • I pray that we can use this summer to sow into our community!  Don’t relax from what God has called us to do!
  • I had a blast hanging out with our new friends Todd and Shannon and their kids Friday night and with Amy and Craig.  I am so thankful that God has led them to Church at the Grove.
  • I took the day off Monday and spent some time just relaxing and with the family.  We had a great dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and my mom.  It was a great way to celebrate the birthday!
  • I am reading through the gospel of John.  I read the same chapter daily each day for a week.  I am also studying James for our upcoming series in July.  God is challenging me in a big way.
  • We are getting a bit behind in our offerings for the months of June.  Our church has been so AWESOME through this point in the year and we can’t afford to get behind this summer.  Help us avoid the summer slump!  Use our on-line giving, our self-addressed envelopes or automated bank drafts when you are out of town. 
  • I am loving hanging out with the students at “United” on Wednesday nights!  It is great ministry and a lot of fun.  If you have a teenager, make sure they don’t miss this at Loganville High School on Wednesday nights. It starts at 6:30pm. 
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Jun 102009

This is a guest post from Church at the Grove’s Kirsten Warr. 

Last Thursday a home burned to the ground close to my subdivision and Hunter and I wished there was something we could do to help the people, but we had never met the family so we did not want to intrude.  So Sunday when you spoke about the Acts of Kindness my mind immediately went to that family.  On Monday I wrote a little note just telling them how sorry we were for their loss and left my name and number for them to contact b/c I had a few items I thought they might be able to use in getting back on their feet. 
Tuesday night I received a call from the son of the elderly woman who lived in the house expressing thanks for the letter.  I told him I would gather some items for her and am working with some other neighbors to get a good amount of items to them early next week.
I did not expect to be affected greatly by the acts of kindness I did for others through the next 40 days.  I felt that those were the things we SHOULD already be doing as Christians; seeing people as Jesus sees them and trying to act accordingly.  However this challenge as Russ called it did help me step out of my comfort area and help total strangers on a more intimate level. I have been blessed by helping others!
 If anyone wishes to help and show kindness to this family they can email me at kirstenwarr @ att.net or call me at 770-714-8421.  The woman who lost everything needs clothes size 16, kitchen items, bedding, canned and boxed food, furniture, esc…If you have any items you were planning on selling in a garage sale or give away please think of sharing them with this woman.  Thanks So Much!!!

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Jun 092009

I just finished listening to a great Bible Study led by one of our own Grovers! 

Brian Peart is involved in the leadership of a Christian Mortgage Brokers Group and leads people all across the country in Bible Study each month via conference call technology. 

Check it out: 


You can download it or play it. 

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Jun 092009

I usually feel very uncomfortable asking people to pray for me, but that is rather immature and shallow. 

I found out this weekend that a fellow church-planter resigned and stepped down from his leadership role because of moral failure.  You can read it on his blog here. 

I am saddened, mad and hurt to hear about a fellow leader that has succumbed to sin and forfeited his leadership mantle.  I know that leaders have big bull’s-eye on their backs and I know that I need people praying for me in order to keep my life secure from falling into sin that could disqualify me from my leadership role in the church.  Please pray!

Check out this Open letter to Pastors!  It is a must read for all of us and especially for those that feel they are above failure!

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