Apr 192009

Big Idea:
Count myself dead to sin and alive to God.
I now have the opportunity to make practical what God has made actual.

Scripture Memory:
Romans 6:11 (NIV)
11 In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

Action step:
Immerse yourself in this scripture and passage this week.  Read it over and over.  Memorize verse 11.
Ask someone close to you to keep you accountable for your sin issue(s). 
Speak to sin out loud and say no! 

Random Thoughts:

  • I love this church!
  • I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but Ric has a fresh anointing of God on his worship leadership!  Shelley does as well.  The WHOLE band does!  It is unbelievable!
  • I love teaching this series! 
  • I have such a burden for our church family and families to get it!  I want everyone to walk in the freedom that God has for them.
  • We (CATG and Resurrecting Hope) are almost done with the Walnut Grove makeover house.
  • We have some huge decisions to make this week!
  • I love seeing so many guests!  I love seeing second and third time guests come back.
  • We had some very special friends come and worship with us today.  It is always good to see the Cooks.
  • We had another young couple that is connected to me through my mom.  I invited them a few years ago and it was awesome to see them and meet them today. 
  • We have a lot of people to baptize next Sunday.  Awesome!
  • We have the best volunteers in the world!  Thank you!
  • Todays setup team continues to grow bigger and bigger!
  • I am counting myself dead to sin and alive to God through Jesus!
  • I am going to bed!





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Apr 162009

The week before Easter during part 2 of “The Resurgence”, I challenged CATGrove to make Easter a “Sunday to Remember”. It was all that and more!
I am so proud of our church! I hope it is ok to be proud of CATGrove. You guys have amazed me! You accepted the challenge and invested into your friends and family and we had a record attendance and an incredible Sunday. We had people turn to follow Jesus and God moved in an incredible way. It will truly be a Sunday to remember.
I am so proud of our volunteers! You guys were “ON” on Sunday morning and you did an incredible job.

Thank you to everyone that made Easter incredible! But let’s not stop now! What if we were that intense every week of the year in investing and inviting people and loving on our community? Let’s continue with the momentum we have built.

Check out the video below and let it be an encouragement to continue to reach people in this community with the gospel of Jesus.

CATG Cardboard Testimony from David Crewey on Vimeo.

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Apr 132009

Big Idea:
We are all Natural Born Sinners, but God by His Grace through our faith gives us His transforming Life!

Memory Verse:
Romans 5:8 (NIV)
8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Action Step:
Memorize your verse, meditate on it this week, and ask God to help you LIVE in your freedom found through Jesus.

Random Thoughts:

  • I could not be more proud of our volunteers and workers at Church at the Grove!  You guys shined yesterday at our Easter Celebration and it wouldn’t have been so great without you.  Thank you for loving Jesus and loving people in our community.
  • Yesterday was such a significant day on so many fronts.  Several people responded by faith and turned to follow Jesus!  Wow!  That is what it is all about and why we do what we do.
  • I am blown away by how God used the testimonies of so many people yesterday in our “Cardboard Testimony” experience. 
  • Ric and the band nailed it.  Ric continues to grow into an incredible worship leader that leads us to the throne of God.  Shelley can flat out sing and the band is awesome.  I love those guys.
  • Thank you to Craig and Rosemary for coming up with a great plan for our children’s ministry for Sunday.  It was needed and was great.  I love seeing children and their parents smile. 
  • Kately is doing an amazing job with our greeters and hosts!  I think our people were shown warmth and acceptance yesterday.
  • Thank you Sherry Watkins and Morgan McHugh for taking pictures yesterday.  What a great idea.  I think credit goes to Nathan for that one.  That will be meaningful for the families. 
  • The Easter Egg hunt on Saturday was awesome.  Thank God for great weather!  What a turnout!  Lots of kids and families. 
  • I can’t believe the crowd yesterday!  Well, I can believe it because God is doing something.  We shattered many records and had many “firsts”  I am cautious to get too caught up into numbers and attendance but it is encouraging to see God grow His church.  I am wondering if we are prepared for what may happen.
  • Our CATGrove community did an amazing job of inviting their friends and family.  You guys are awesome!  I know that people are praying and investing in other people’s lives and I loved being introduced to your guests.  Yeah! 
  • Jill’s birthday was on Easter this year.  She is the best!  Caleb’s birthday is Monday April 13!  I can’t believe he is 4! 
  • I loved having all of my family there with us yesterday!  Butch, Terri, my mom, Katie and Michael, Meg and Bobby, Carleigh and Jeb and Harper Grace and Luke.  It made a great Easter even better! 
  • It was so awesome having Mrs. Seargent there with us yesterday at church!  I loved what she shared about God’s work in her life and her little grandson Shane placed his faith in Jesus!  Mrs. Seargent is the lady who lives in the home we are working on through the ministry of Resurrecting Hope
  • I can’t believe Kenny Perry let the Masters slip away!   Ahggggg!
  • Lunch yesterday was Amazing!  We were able to hang out with amazing friends and I was overwhelmed with Jimmy’s cooking.  That boy can cook!  I love Jimmy and Christi and I am thankful they are a part of our family.
  • I am thanking God for His faithfulness and goodness! 


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