Apr 292009

Here is an interesting article related to the impact the economy has had on the local economy.  For what it is worth, I believe with all my heart that God is completely in control and that we should put our complete security in Him and Him alone.

Loganville is on the front page of the Wall Street journal today: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123939885029709465.html#project%3DSLIDESHOW08%26s%3DSB123939600272209347%26articleTabs%3Darticle

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Apr 292009

Enjoy Your Money!

I personal friend of mine has written a new book that I am thoroughly enjoying titled Enjoy Your Money: How to Make It, Save It, Invest It and Give It.  It is a great book and it is written in a manner that makes learning about money fun!  Steve Miller is a great long time friend of both me and Jill and is a gifted writer and communicator.  He is a personal hero of mine and I love his family. 

I will be utilizing his book and website to post some more money tips in these coming weeks. 

Check out what Steve says about having a simple plan and catching a vision for your money management here.

Catch A Vision
Work Hard
Grow in Wisdom
Spend Wisely
Invest Wisely
Help Others

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Apr 292009

Sorry for the delay in receiving these reflections. 

Big Idea:
Do not relate intimately with the law of sin and death but rather relate intimately to the law of righteousness through Jesus. 

Memory Verse:
1 Corinthians 10:13 (NIV)
13 No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

Action Step:
Identify two or three areas in your life that you consistently “jump out the the plane” over.  Write down a plan to escape from those temptations. 

Random Thoughts:

  • I am so late in getting my reflections out!  It has been a great weekend but a crazy busy weekend. 
  • Sunday was a great Sunday.  I always enjoy having a week off from teaching and I love it that we have both Craig and Nathan available to step in any week and we will not miss a beat.  Craig did an awesome job.  What at great illustration with the law of gravity!
  • I just love our band!  Ric is the man!
  • What a Sunday for baptisms.  Wow!  I love baptizing people.  It reflects what God is doing in and through our church.
  • I am thankful for The Orchard Church that allowed us to use their portable baptistry.  Ben Cathey and those guys are awesome!  Who would of thought……the baptist guy borrows the baptistry from the methodist guy!  Ha!
  • I can’t wait until this next Sunday when we dedicate the Sargent home in Walnut Grove.  We will do the dedication right after the 11am service and after we have completed breakdown.
  • We had over 20 people at our C-3 (Covenant Community Class) gathering at our house Friday night.  It was awesome!  It is so much fun to share our vision whenever possible.
  • I was able to spend the day at Stone Mountain with my family on Saturday.  It was fun but man it was hot.  We had a blast but ran out of gas quickly.  It is good to have a weekend off from preaching and be able to spend a day relaxing.
  • Sunday was crazy all day.  Immediately after church Josiah and I scarfed some food down and went to play airsoft war with some friends.  I shot my son at close range but he took it like a man.   He is wearing his wound proudly. 
  • We had dinner with some special friends Sunday night.  The Dipascals moved here from New Orleans after Katrina.  They have been through some rough times but have recently moved into their new home.  It is beautiful and they were great cooks and hosts.  I love their family.  Chris and Kathy Walker should win “Real Estate Salespeople of the Year” for all their help with the Dipascals.  They actually had the Dipascals MOVE IN WITH THEM when their was a problem with closing the house.  The Dipascals had already ended their lease and could not do anything about it.  What a great family.  That is what the Body of Christ is all about!
  • Yesterday Nathan and I, along with some other Grovers played in  the New Work Foundation Golf Tournament that raises money for new churches.  We love supporting this cause!  It was great weather, great fun and great fellowship.  Nathan Boyd played lights out!  He has been telling me that he is helping with the CLC (Christian Learning Center) on Wednesdays!?  I think he has been working on his game.
  • Two babies born to Church at the Grove families this past week!  Only about a dozen to go!  Welcome and blessings to Grant and Owen.  I am thankful for Russ and Joanna and Shane and Rebecca.
  • Celebrated “Administrative Asst. Day” and Nathan’s birthday this past week.  I am so thankful for out team.  They are the best.
  • We served the faculty and staff “coffee cart and snack goodies” this morning (Tuesday) at Youth Middle School.  This was their “post-CRCT” treat.  We love Mrs. Lynch and that school. 
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Apr 242009

The first Thursday of each month I help coordinate a Church Planter Network that provides for learning, coaching and inspiring men and women currently involved or interested in starting a new church.  I love it and one of my dreams is to resource, train and encourage church planters.  The network is the beginning of seeing this dream realized. 

Mike Linch is one of my best friends, a mentor and pastor of NorthStar Church in Kennesaw.  NorthStar is one of our sponsoring churches.  Mike came and spoke to our Church Planter Network (CPN) about “Developing, Refining, and Sticking to the Dream” at our April Network gathering.  Here is a synopsis of what he shared.

Vision is:

  • “Painting a picture of the preferable future.”  Andy Stanley
  • “Visualizing what COULD be, fueled by the convictions of what SHOULD be.”  Andy Stanley
  • “Vision is putting feet to the dreams and passions that God has laid on your heart!”  Mike Linch

Vision “Playbook”:

  • Your refine your vision through “time and prayer”.
  • You cannot give up on your vision!  Visions take time to see them through!
  • Great leaders dream “great things” ….. that other people cannot see.
  • They see things the way that they “can be” not just what “they are”.
  • Vision springs from something that makes you angry.  You can’t stand to sit by and watch things continue as they are!  You have a Holy Discontent.
  • Vision always has to do with enhancing the lives of others more than enhancing your own life!
  • You refine your vision as you “stick to the dream” and things begin to be seen more clearly!
  • Sticking to the dream is what separates those you have heard of and those you have never heard of!  Some start but don’t finish.
  • It takes courage and determination to stick to the dream that God called you to!  Outwit, Outplay, Outlast!
  • Do not focus on the critics.
  • The vision is never completely finished!  It is always a work in progress and something that only God will be able to complete over time!

Nehemiah – “I am not coming down off the wall”…..

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