Mar 182009

What keeps you from discovering your next breakthrough idea?  What is that ONE thing in your organization, church or ministry that will take you over the top in accomplishing what God has called you to do? 

One of my new discoveries in the world of leadership is Will Mancini of AuxanoAuxano is an organization that helps you clarify your vision in a way to communicate with maximum clarity for maximum mobilization. 

In a recent leadership setting Will shared six “Thinkholes” that keep us from discovering our unique calling in ministry and church life.  I will share all of them here and shed some light on them in the next couple of leadership posts. 


  • Ministry Treadmills
  • Competency Trap
  • Needs Based Slippery Slope
  • Cultural Whirlpool
  • Conference Maze
  • Denominational Rut

Start identifying some of your “thinkholes”.  What keeps you so busy and distracted that you can’t take the time to discover your unique idea or calling?

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Mar 172009

The Recession ends………..Then What? 

Do we go back to the way we were spending before?  God forbid.  I saw this CNN article regarding home sales surging and it made me think of what we will do when the recession does end.  I hope we will continue to move forward in managing our finances in the right way.  DEBT FREE! 

Check out this new series of blog post from a great guy named Joseph Sangl on how to save money without selling anything.  I love this guy!  I went to hear him speak in a workshop last Thursday at Unleash and he was great!  He is absolutely nuts!…..but he is passionately nuts about seeing people be debt free. 

Once you are debt free……….don’t go back!

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Mar 152009

Big Idea:
The kinsman-Redeemer bridges the gap between where you are and where God wants you to be.

Scripture Memory:
Romans 8:28 (NIV)
28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Action Step:
Let’s BE the Kinsman-Redeemer to our community by taking part in “Love Loganville” on Saturday Morning March 21.

Random Thoughts:

  • What a wet day!  Bill picked our trailer up this morning and he almost got stuck in the mud!  I took the trailer back and could not get it through the mud to park it.  I skipped the trailer-backing class in seminary.  To make matters worse, my friend Dave was watching and made fun of me. 
  • Thursday was awesome!  We took a dozen people to UNLEASH, a leaders training conference and had a blast.  We learned so much and were challenged.  Please go here to UNLEASH and watch one of the sessions.  Click on the “turn me on” button “on-demand” button then click “unleash 2009” and click the afternoon session.  You will love it. 
  • I actually got to go on a date with my wife Friday night! 
  • This morning was awesome!  I love our band and I love hearing Ric, Shelley and Austin sing.  Shelley knocked it out of the park with the Revelation song this morning! 
  • More individuals turned to follow Jesus this morning.  That gets me jacked up.
  • We have to schedule a baptism!  Coming soon.
  • I am so burdened to be a church of Kinsmen-Redeemers.  I want to be A Kinsman-Redeemer community of faith to our community! 
  • I am looking forward to LOVE LOGANVILLE this coming Saturday.  I hope many of you will come and be a part. 
  • I want to make a visible, observable difference in this community for a long time!
  • I hope you will spend some time thinking of and thanking God for the kinsmen-redeemers in your life that influenced you toward Jesus. 
  • I hope we will all be kinsmen-redeemers to others around us.  God has called us to bridge the gap between where people are and where God wants them to be. 
  • I had no intention of offending anyone with my comment saying, “If you have no intention of ever helping us reach more people by actually getting involved serving here, we can use your seat for someone else that needs to hear about Jesus.”  A sweet, gracious lady approached me to clarify what I meant and I so appreciate her taking the time to ask me about it.  In my passion for what God has called us to do, I don’t want to offend people but I certainly want to challenge our people to step up!
  • I love this church!  I love what God has called us to do.


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Mar 142009

The Law of Authenticity

I spent some great time with an old friend recently that knew me before I was a Christian.  He was a put on back then and he is still a put on.  As I shared how God had changed my life through a personal relationship with Jesus, he told me everything I wanted to hear but their wasn’t a hint of authenticity as he spoke.  He hasn’t changed!

We live in times of uncertainty and difficulty and the last thing people want in any relationship is for people to act as if nothing is ever wrong and as if they always have it together

As a leader and co-worker, I attempt to demonstrate a healthy degree of transparency and authenticity.  People want the real you and not a put on or a fake.  Another word for fakes that comes right out of the Bible is hypocrite and it is a large reason that people do not want to attend church. 

Debra Davenport is one of the characters in the book, The Go-Giver and she states that “The most valuable thing that you have to give people is yourself.  No matter what you think you are selling, what you are really offering is you.”  That is what the Law of Authenticity is:  “The Most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.”

It is the same in any profession or any workplace.  Authenticity speaks and has impact.  Our relationships will always be connected to our success and well-being.  Authenticity sets the stage for healthy, meaningful and fruitful relationships. 

1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NIV)
8 We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.

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