Mar 302009

Big Idea:
The Church’s identity is demonstrated in how it SENDS rather than how it gathers.

Action Step:
Reflect, Pray and decide to partner with God in a local church defined by sending rather than gathering.

Memory Verse:
Luke 19:10 (NIV)
10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” 


Random Thoughts:

  • What a Sunday!  I love seeing so many guests and so many returning guests from previous weeks.  My hand was hurting from writing so many notes to guests today.  I love it!
  • I love casting vision for Church at the Grove.  I feel it is redundant sometimes because I talk about it so much, but I know we have so many new people that haven’t heard much of our philosophy and vision.
  • Vision Leaks!  That is why we have to go back to it over and over.
  • This “Resurgence” series, although it is short, may be one of the most important we have ever done!  We must prepare for what God has in store for us in the future.
  • I will be sharing some of our future plans this coming Sunday!
  • This past Friday and Saturday were wet and messy, but it was great to get some rest and get caught up on some other stuff. 
  • I loved our volunteer lunch!  Man, the food from Skips was awesome!  Those guys can flat-out cook.  I am so thankful for James and his servant’s heart.  I am thankful for our awesome volunteers who serve so faithfully and make Church at the Grove a reality.
  • I went to Elijah Wortham’s birthday party yesterday with Josiah.  Elijah is Ric and Alli’s 1 year old son.  He is absolutely as cute as a little boy can be!  He smiles all the time! 
  • This is a great week with spring break to take a day off with the kids. 
  • I am looking forward to a big Easter!  I hope you are praying for your “3 for Easter”.  I hope and pray that you will use the celebration of Easter as a chance to reach out to some of our friends and family. 
  • I would love to hear your thoughts about “The Resurgence”.  Drop me a comment!
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Mar 242009

5 things you don’t want your guests on Sunday morning to hear from your volunteer greeter/hospitality team.  Mark Waltz of Granger Community Church offers some great info on making great First Impressions.

  • That’s not my responsibility.

Don’t drop the ball by passing to buck.  If a guests ask a question or asks for help, the volunteer needs to find an answer.

  • I don’t know.

It is ok to NOT know the answer.  It is NOT ok to leave the guest without an answer.  The job of a volunteer greeter/host is to find the answer.

  • No

Here is the deal…..Even if the answer is “no”, don’t give that answer to the guests.  Make sure they are satisfied.

  • “They”, “Them”, or “You guys”

When you use these words, it is a reflection of not taking ownership.  We are a team, family, and a community and we are in this together.  Take ownership and satisfy the guests.

  • I am just a volunteer

Being a volunteer in the Body of Christ is one of the highest callings that exist in the church.  You are not “just a volunteer” and a guest hearing this will liken it to a worker in a business counting down the minutes until they go home.  Love what you do and reflect your love for what you do with an undying enthusiasm as you greet guests.

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Mar 222009

Big Idea:
Jesus’ experience on the cross provided for our spiritual freedom!

Scripture Memory:
2 Corinthians 5:21 (NIV)
21 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
Action Step:
Plan to watch “The Passion of the Christ” between now and Easter with your Community Group or some other friends.  Talk within your group about the significance of what Jesus went through on our behalf. 

Random Thoughts:

  • This was an unbelievable action packed weekend with so much going on! 
  • What we did with Love Loganville makes me so proud and excited about being the pastor of Church at the Grove! 
  • I am so burdened by families and marriages.
  • I loved seeing new faces on Sunday morning.
  • I love seeing God give a vision to people to provided transformation in a practical way for people in our community.
  • We always need more people to jump in and be involved.
  • I am looking forward to the volunteer luncheon next Sunday after the 11am service.
  • I wish people could learn to truly trust God completely.
  • I am actually enjoying some of the March Madness basketball.
  • I really don’t gamble.
  • I really can swing a hammer and pour concrete.
  • I have some exciting meetings this week.
  • I have loved this “THREAD” series and I am really looking forward to “THE RESURGENCE” beginning next week.
  • I am praying for my “5 for EASTER” and looking forward to seeing some of my friends and neighbors show up.
  • I am tired!


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Mar 202009

Leadership “Thinkholes” explained:

  • Ministry Treadmill

The first “thinkhole” is the ministry treadmill.  The treadmill is set in motion when the busyness of ministry creates a progressively irreversible hurriedness in the leader’s life.  The sheer imediacy of each next event or ministry or ministry demand prevents the leader from taking the time required for discerning the culture and defining the DNA of the church. (pg. 10 of Church Unique)

  • Competency Trap

The second thinkhole is the competency trap.  As ministry leaders experience success over time, that very success can become a liability.  Presumption that “you know how to do this thing” prohibits and eclipses the leader’s active listening and reflection observation.  He loses the habit of discerning the churches DNA. (pg. 11)

  • Needs-Based Slippery Slope

On the needs-based slippery slope, leaders are constantly trying to meet people’s needs and expectations within the church.  Whether the needs ring of “religious consumerism” or are legitimate concerns of life and death, the slippery slope works the same.  With the leaders’ cruise control set to “react,” thoughtful leadership becomes unnecessary because there is always a persistent parade of needs to be answered.  The vision of the church is reduced to making people happy. (pg. 11)

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