Nov 212008

Yesterday morning I met my friend Lee and my new friend Scott for breakfast.  During breakfast some gentlemen I knew from the community walked in and after I finished eating I walked by to say hello. 

One of the men asked about Church at the Grove and how we were doing and if we were growing.  I told him what was going on and he said “WOW!”  He then asked me to tell him in one minute the key to what God was doing in reaching people through Church at the Grove.  I felt like a kid in a candy store!

I began to share, to the best of my ability to stay within one minute, about our vision and heartbeat to reach people that are “the least likely to go to church”.  I got so excited as I was sharing stories and while I tried to keep it at one minute, it was impossible.  As I shared, the vision I have for what God can do in and through Church at the Grove began to “OOZE”. 

Here is the point:  Vision “Oozes”!  Whatever you are excited about simply “oozes” out of you.  You can’t keep it in.  You can’t contain yourself!

I love people and I have a vision to reach people in this community and beyond for Jesus!

I love “oozing”!  What is “oozing” out of you?

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Nov 172008

Big Idea:  God wants us to do well so we can do good.

Memory Verse:
1 Timothy 6:18 (MSG)
18 to do good, to be rich in helping others, to be extravagantly generous.

Action Step:
Make financial plans with the idea of doing ministry and making a difference this holiday season.

Random Thoughts:

My favorite quote of the day from yesterday:  “Our personal, private finances have public consequences”. 

  • Thursday was a crazy day that began with a 6:30am Youth Middle School council meeting.  I enjoyed so much being with the principal, teachers and parents.  I was able to see a dear family at the funeral home to remember a father who past away late last week.  It is so hard to deal with a loss like this but they are doing well under the circumstances.  I concluded the night with my family at a “Medieval Times” dinner for families and children in my wife’s academy.  It was a lot of fun.
  • We were blessed to have Jill’s mom with us Wednesday through Saturday.  She is such a blessing and she is a faithful prayer warrior and financial supporter of Church at the Grove.  She believes in what we are doing.  Man…..that lady can cook too!
  • Friday night Jill and I were blessed to be a part of Rafael and Lydia Rosado’s 40th wedding anniversary.  Anita and Chad Spinks are one of the couple’s that helped us launch Church at the Grove and Anita has been planning this celebration for her parent’s marriage landmark.  What a testimony to God’s faithfulness!  Talk about Fireproof!  I had the privilege to lead them in renewing their vows.  We enjoyed a sweet fellowship and some great food with the Spinks and their family.
  • Saturday was a slow, leisurely day with the family and doing a few catch up things around the house.  Jill and I worked on our financial plans and “prework” to get ready for Sunday’s “ReThink Money” workshop. 
  • Sunday was awesome!  Casey Graham did a great job speaking and ministering to our people yesterday morning.  Ric and the Band were amazing as usual.  I am so thankful for our team of volunteers that do such an awesome job of creating our environment every week.  Our attendance is great and I can’t wait to see what is in store for this coming Sunday and our “STRETCH” offering.
  • My wife worked in the preschool room with our children’s director Rosemary and she went on and on about how great Rosemary is at teaching our children.  I am so thankful for Rosemary and the job she is doing. 
  • We had 48 people in attendance for our “ReThink Money” workshop yesterday afternoon at The Summit.  Casey did a great job and we had a blast.  We all came up with a “Monthly Spending Plan”, a “Kill Debt” plan with a debt free date listed and we learned how to save money and put more money away in savings!  Jill and I had a blast.  The only downside is I think people are on to me and my Starbucks addiction.  Gotta give it up!
  • Sandy and Nathan did an awesome job, along with Rosemary in pulling off the workshop and making it run smoothly.  Please pat them on the back, and give them an “attaboy” when you see them next time.
  • I can’t recommend Casey Graham enough to other pastors, church planters and church leaders.  Casey is a professional and he communicates well with all ages.  Check out ReThink Money and give Casey a shout.

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Nov 122008

Jill and I got away to spend an entire day with one another without the kids.  Wow! We actually had a conversation without interruption.  I will admit that after a day you start to miss those interruptions.  We used our opportunity and time to take in an afternoon movie and we went to see Fireproof.  It was great!  Here are some thoughts:

  • Marriage is hard and there will be challenges in every marriage.
  • You can’t have a successful and growing marriage without outside help.  Parents, friends, and in my opinion, a church family offer needed support. 
  • It is hard to have a great, long-lasting marriage without faith in Jesus.  Doing marriage without God makes the challenges much harder to overcome. 
  • Unconditional love is necessary for both parties to make a marriage last.
  • Never Give Up!
  • Successful marriages that last long do so after resisting temptations.
  • Individuals must be willing to see their own faults first in order to make the marriage grow. 
  • People are watching and when a great marriage overcomes trials and troubles, people will see Jesus as a result.  God uses marriages to shine His light. 

Fireproof was a great movie and I recommend it to anyone.  My friends at Sherwood have something special going in their ministry and God is using them in a great way.

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Nov 102008

Big Idea:  “Every Spending Decision is a Spiritual Decision”

Memory Verse:
Luke 16:13 (NIV)
13 “No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”

Action Step:
Spend some time reflecting this week on necessary changes in managing your money, wealth and stuff in relationship to God’s mission for your life.  Discuss with your spouse, and/or family how to use your money and stuff as a tool to lead people to Jesus.


  • Thursday night the ladies of The Grove gathered to hang out and have some fun and they had a great crowd.  I have been hearing RAVE reviews!  Thanks Sandy Terrell and others who put this together.
  • Jill and I were able to get away for a day on Friday to look at some pretty leaves in the mountains (man we sound old don’t we?) and actually have a conversation without someone screaming, “Mom, Dad, she’s bothering me!” or “He took my purse!” or “Come wipe me!” Well…….you get the point.  We had some great conversation.
  • I hate  it for Tom Kirby, but Georgia hung in there to beat the Kentucky Wildcats!
  • Sunday morning was great!  Thanks to Brian and Trina Peart for help us break down some financial wisdom and put some feet on it.  I have heard great comments.  Remember for some financial advise.
  • I am having a blast with this “STRETCH” series and I am hearing some good feedback.
  • Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away!  Christmas is around the corner.
  • I can’t wait until this Sunday!  We have a special treat in store for everyone.
  • I love Shane Smith’s (G Smitty) song and the video that Melissa Willet produced.  Awesome and fun!
  • I love seeing so many visitors these past 2 weeks.  We had someone come as a result of our Halloween outreach in our neighborhood.

Let’s stay focused on what God has in store for these coming weeks and months.

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