Oct 182008

One of the stated core values of Church of the Grove is “Missional Responsibility”.  Along with that, we have trumpeted the value of making your neighborhood and the circles of relationships closest to you your personal mission field. 

With this in mind, how can we utilize popularly celebrated holidays as opportunities to touch lives and impact people for the Kingdom? 

Here are ten ideas for Halloween ministry:

  1. Host a block party with some food and simple games for children.
  2. Rent some inflatable games for children to play on while you hang out with their parents.
  3. Host a costume party.
  4. Have a small bon-fire and serve smores to children and families.
  5. Give out candy and a Church at the Grove invite card.
  6. Launch a neighborhood “Jack-A-Lantern” contest for creativity and award prizes to the winner and runner-up.
  7. Have a “throw-a-pumpkin” contest to see who can throw a pumpkin the farthest.
  8. Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt for children to collect random items.  Winners who collect the most items the quickest win small prizes.
  9. Have a small neighborhood hay ride for children.
  10. Host a “haunted house” and simply “scare the hell (darkness)” out of children.  (Okay, that was bad, but I needed a tenth idea and that was the best I could come up with.) 
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Oct 102008

Everytime you look at the news on TV, the internet, or in the newspaper, you are likely to get discouraged by the “gloom-n-doom” outlook.  Yes there is some uncertainty in the financial markets but you personally do not have to live with uncertainty concerning your personal finances.  This is the perfect time to evaluate your personal financial situation and take some solid financial steps to provide for your financial security and to prepare yourself to “STRETCH” a dollar, to “STRETCH” the Kingdom of God, and to “STRETCH” your own faith.

We (Church at the Grove) want to help you with this.  We will begin a four week teaching series called “STRETCH” on Sunday November 2.

Included as a part of this initiative, we will host a workshop called “ReThink Money” featuring Casey Graham. 

This workshop will be on Sunday afternoon November 16, 2:30-6pm and will be held at Summit Baptist Church on Hwy 81 just north of Claude Brewer Rd.  The cost will be $30 per couple, $20 for a single and this will provide for the workshop, resource workbook, and childcare. 

Please plan on registering early for this workshop.  It will be open to other churches and space is limited. 

God offers incredible wisdom concerning Financial Management in the Bible and these are times to turn to Him for security and leadership for you and your family.  You will be given practical tools for things such as pay off debt and developing a budget. 

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