Sep 092008

Okay, so I was chastened by someone last night for not blogging this past week and I stand corrected.  At least I know that at least one person reads the blog and keeps up with it. 

Here is the catch-up for the last week:

  • On Sunday August 24, I loaded my car and drove to Norman Park, Georgia for a four day Police Chaplain certification where I learned how to shoot a gun and work with police officers.  Okay, okay, I didn’t learn how to shoot a gun but I did receive training for ministering and providing support to police officers.  I learned a lot about Police life, criminal justice from their perspective and how to support them and their families during the hard rigors of police work.  I love officers and I enjoy supporting them in what they do. 
  • I stayed there through Thursday August 28 and drove straight to Dallas, Georgia and had a wedding rehearsal for Friday’s wedding for Heather Delk and Daniel Poe.  Jill and I spent the night with some sweet friends Keith and Lisa Pettway who attend Westridge Church in Dallas.  We had a blast catching up to them.  On Friday night I officiated the beautiful wedding for Heather and Daniel.  It was great.
  • Jill and I drove back friday night.  On Saturday I spoke at a memorial service for a man that passed away in our community in Walton County. 
  • Sunday August 31 was the last single service Sunday for Church at the Grove and it was awesome! 
  • This past week, I played catch up after being gone the previous week at the Chaplain’s training.
  • Sunday was great as we went to two services at CATG!  Both services were perfectly balanced and it is great to continue to see God work in people’s lives!
  • Our community groups start this week and I heard the groups that began Sunday night were awesome!  I know my group was great.  I understand that the new group at the Ellington’s had 19 people and they are wondering what they are going to do!  They are using the married couple’s curriculum based on the new movie “Fireproof”. 
  • I started something new yesterday.  I am substitute teaching for a school in our community.  A teacher had surgery and will be out for a few weeks and I am filling in.  I am getting to teach “Bible” and “Marriage and Family”.  My wife said that God had a sense of humor in putting me in these classes.  I didn’t know quite how to take that. 
  • I did get to take my son to Athens for the first time this past Saturday to see the DAWGS beat Central Michigan. 
  • I went and walked the streets of Decatur with my friend Scott Nobles this past Saturday morning to get the word out about “The Gathering Church” that started on Sunday.  My friend Adam Walker and his team launched this new church this past week after a year of preparation.  I pray for God’s blessings on their new church.
  • I am seeing God do some great things in CATGrove and in our community and some individual lives and families.  This is a testing time, but a perfect time to see God’s faithfulness at work around us all. 
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