Aug 222008

I am somewhat amazed on one hand but not entirely surprised on the other by the recent frenzy over the discovery-now-hoax of the Bigfoot Creature.  How is it that something this ridiculous has made it into the mainstream media and garnered such attention?  Check out this article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  I did not know that bigfoot was such a HUGE deal, but I have discovered that many people (such as this) have devoted their entire life to Bigfoot.

Here are a few thoughts on these recent BIGFOOT events:

  • People desperately want to believe in something transcendent.  They are willing to put their trust in something as ridiculous as this bigfoot hoax.
  • People are searching for something beyond themselves to devote their life to.
  • People are completely and ridiculously gullible.  This explains why televangelists and religious personalities are able to build such followings. 
  • As a pastor/teacher of the Bible, we need to lead our people to discern between truth and sensational hoaxes. 
  • Although I do believe there is much yet to be discovered in our universe concerning things of a transcendent nature, all of true life is found in the person of Jesus and God’s Word.  God’s written Word and His living Word (Jesus) must be our filter through which we discern between reality and hoax.
  • We must look for opportunities like Bigfoot and other examples we find in culture to bridge the gap between people’s desire for the transcendent and the reality of life found in a personal relationship with Jesus. 
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Aug 222008

This has been a crazy week:

  • This past weekend was a busy but awesome weekend.  We held two volunteer orientations.  One on Saturday morning and one on Sunday evening.  Combined we had 25 volunteers attend the orientations. 
  • I am an assistant coach for my son’s (Josiah) baseball team and it has been fun but demanding.  We practiced Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and have practice today!  WOW!
  • Tuesday night Nathan Boyd and I went over to Athens to the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries) to recruit interns for our two churches.  We are looking for one or two students to serve in some areas and it is a great opportunity to invest in some young leaders.  It was a lot of fun.
  • Sunday morning was awesome.  We are still seeing our attendance grow and more importantly we are seeing God do some awesome things through this series.
  • I can’t wait to what happens this Sunday!
  • Today (Friday) and tomorrow we do not have a lot scheduled so I am looking forward to catching up on a couple of things and spending some time with the family and doing yard work.
  • I leave Sunday for South Georgia for a Police Chaplain certification.  I love my Loganville Officers.
  • I have a wedding a week from tonight (Friday).  It is a sweet girl that was in my youth ministry over at NorthStar Church.
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Aug 202008

You have to check out this video. I believe it was masterminded by my friend Shane Smith. Shane is an incredibly talented musician and is skilled in all areas of music production. He is also a Community Group leader for Church at the Grove and we are thankful for he and his wonderful wife Rebekkah. Shane travels and plays bass with Matt Papa. I have known Matt since he was in middle school and he is a godly worship leader and has awesome character to back up his enormous talent. Check it out:

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