Jul 222008

I am re-reading a book on prayer that had a huge impact on my prayer life a number of years ago.  It is Don’t Just Stand there, Pray Something, by Ronald Dunn.  Check out what Dunn writes about prayer in the early church:

“The book of Acts is filled with prayer meetings; every forward thrust the first church made was immersed in prayer.  Take another look at the church at Pentecost.  They prayed ten days and preached ten minutes and three thousand people were saved.  Today we pray ten minutes and preach ten days and are ecstatic if anyone is saved.” (Pg. 38) (Emphasis mine)

This is significant, especially in light of our current series on “The Church”, and as we teach through the book of Acts. 

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Jul 212008

This is the week 3 video of “The Church”. These video installments were based on the NBC sitcom “The Office”. If they are not funny or in no way reflect “The Office” sitcom, you can contact Nathan, Craig, or Melissa. Oh and Sandy or Rosemary.

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Jul 212008

Thoughts on yesterday!

  • Ric and the band rocked the house opening with Steve Fee’s “We Shine”!  The gathering almost seemed shocked, but it may have been that they were simply waking up.  They were much more responsive when they closed the morning gathering with the same song!
  • I am so thankful for our faithful volunteers and all the hard work they put in to making Sunday morning an incredible environment.  Marty Carr picked up our trailer and dropped it off at the office yesterday and he is an incredible servant.  I appreciate all those who setup, run sound, run mediashout, set up our hospitality area, greet, usher, everything!  You guys are awesome!
  • Can you believe school starts back after this next week!  I cannot believe the summer is almost over.  Students start back here in Walton on Thursday July 31.
  • What an incredible time of worship this morning.  Thanks Ric for your leadership in preparing our hearts for the teaching time.
  • Craig did an awesome job!  What a great job on taking us on a journey of key relationships in the early church.  Craig always comes up with something creative!  Here is the main point from Sunday: “God works most effectively in and through relationships with others.” 
  • Melissa Willet continues to amaze me with her video production.  The latest installment of “The Church” videos was awesome!  I will post it on one of my next blogs via youtube. 
  • Although I am very thankful for our wonderful volunteers, we never have enough so if you have not yet connected to one of our strategic service teams, please contact me and let me know where you would like to serve. 
  • Don’t miss out on our community groups that will begin right after “Labor Day” weekend.  We will be providing a list of options for you to choose from very soon. 
  • Don’t miss our baptism/fellowship next Sunday afternoon 6-8pm where we will baptize several people!  If you are interested in being baptized, let me know.
  • Jill and I, and our family had a great time sharing a meal and playing with some of our neighbors last night.  Jimmy and Christie invited us and the Guy family and Terri over for some of Jimmy’s award winning bar-b-que.  It rocked!
  • Don’t forget to look for opportunities to connect with peope in your neighborhood and your circle of influence this summer and fall.
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