Jun 172008

One of the best birthday gifts I have received this weekend is from some great friends Billy and Melinda and their family from our neighborhood.  I can’t remember how many children they have although it is a lot!

gospel golf balls

The gave me a set of Gospel Golf Balls.  Each golf ball has a scripture verse inscribed on it.  I think it was an insult to my golf game, because they commented as they were giving them to me, “We know how much you like to SPREAD the word.” 

Okay, so if I use these golf balls, I will be “getting the Word out there”.  I just need to keep them out of the water, because I should be “fishing” for men!

Oh!! That was bad!

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Jun 172008

Adam and Morgan 

While in New York recently, Jill and I were able to have dinner with a couple of friends from our NorthStar Church and IMPACT Camp days.  It was a blast to spend time with Adam and Morgan!  Adam is the small groups pastor for Journey Church in Manhattan, NY. 

I asked Adam what he and his church did to get the word out about The Journey Church in a unique and different culture from what we both have grown up in.  He told me that I might laugh, but one of the most effective ways of simply getting the word out and inviting people to The Journey was having groups and teams gather on busy street corners (is there anything other than a busy streetcorner in NY?) and handing out “Granola Bars” with small invite cards from the church taped to the outside wrapper. 

Adam shared that at a recent baptism that many of the people getting baptized referred to receiving a granola bar on a streetcorner in Manhattan as the beginning of a journey that has led them to a personal relationship with Jesus.

Granola bar

It makes me ask the question, “What is our “granola bar” here in Walton County, Metro Atlanta for Church at the Grove?  Not in the literal sense that we are looking for a tangible item to hand out with something taped to it.  (Although that may be something to consider)

I mean what is “THAT THING” that we engage people with in this local community that they will refer to when they share their story at their baptism?  What is “IT”?

What do you think?

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Jun 162008

Sunday was an awesome day!  Here is why:

  • Yesterday was week 2 of our One Prayer series and we had Perry Noble via our video feed speaking to us.  The response was great.  Perry spoke from Luke 7 and challenged us to 1. Walk with Jesus. 2. Listen to Jesus. and 3. We have to believe Jesus! 

Here are the statements that stood strong to me: 

  • Jesus isn’t scared of who you were because He understands who He wants you to be!  What step of Faith is He calling you to take? God will always call us to unfair fights!!  A church that is dangerous believes in the impossible.
  • Our lowest attendance ever at CATGrove was last year June 17 on Father’s Day!  I thought we would have a very low attendance yesterday and although it was down, it was up significantly from last year.  I am convinced that on Mother’s Day all the women want all the men to go to church with them.  On Father’s Day all the men beg to be free from going to church!  Interesting! 
  • Thank you to all the Grovers for your faithful and consistent giving.  I would have thought with our attendance down that our offering would be down as well, but we actually had a good offering, especially with the low attendance.  We have had a couple of low offerings but overall our giving has been good considering that we have stopped receiving most of our support.  Stay faithful!
  • I need to commend Ric for his song selection.  He really puts a lot of thought and prayer into choosing the songs that will go best with our scripture and theme.  He is doing an awesome job!  Yesterday’s songs were perfect for the morning.  Let Ric know that he is doing a great job!
  • I am pumped about tonight.  The Diamond Dawgs play Stanford in their second game of the College Baseball World Series.  Go Dawgs!
  • I am listening to the playoff right now between Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods for the U.S. Open.  In light of yesterday being my 4? birthday, I am rooting for the old guy Rocco!  He will be the oldest winner of a U.S. Open should he win.  Go Geritol man!  I hope he drank his Ensure this morning!  Win one for us old guys. 
  • I want to thank Craig and everyone for my signed cane I received yesterday for my 4? birthday.  I hope you all trip and need crutches by the end of the week!
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