Apr 242008

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Apr 222008


My son Caleb just turned 3 years old this past week.  We threw a little party for him and invited a few family members to join us.  He received a few gifts and among his favorites were toy cars made in the likeness of the characters from his favorite movie “CARS” from Disney.  After he opened all his toy gifts, I surprised him with a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun so he can now go hunting with me and Josiah. 

Did I say that I gave my 3 year old son a 12 gauge shotgun?  Yes, I did say that.  Why are you surprised?  You are probably surprised because a 12 guage shotgun is not a gift to be given to a 3 year old.  A 12 gauge shotgun may be a great gift, but it is absolutely too big for a 3 year old.  A shotgun is a gift for an adult.  It is a great gift but it simply doesn’t fit a 3 year old. 

This is a metaphor of a character issue affecting many people, especially leaders, in our culture today.  Many people have god-given gifts and talents, but their character is underdeveloped in comparison to the size of their gifts.  Many people are great speakers, musicians, worship leaders, administrators, organizers or artists.  These people are obviously gifted and it is recognized when they use their gifts, but their gift is BIGGER than they are!  They easily become accustomed to “leaning” on their giftedness and forsake the emotional and spiritual maturity needed to develop their giftedness in a way that honors God.  They learn to “wing it”, but over time their character flaws will result in costing them through a loss of credibility.

Dr. Tim Elmore, in his “Habitudes” series states:

Leaders are often gifted.  They can begin to depend on their gift for success, to the neglect of their character.  Leaders sabotage themselves when their gift is bigger than they are.

What can a leader do to grow in their character and avoid having the “oversized gift”?

  1. Practice spiritual disciplines.  Spend time with God.  Spend time in Scripture.  
  2. Have a mentor and/or an accountability partner and give them permission to speak into your life.
  3. Humble yourself before God.

Read this and answer the questions that David asks in this Psalm.

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Apr 212008

I was able to spend some time this past week learning to use my Bible software at a greater capacity.  The software is called Logos and it utilizes the Libronix Digital Library System.  It is unbelievable and if you are a Bible Teacher or a preacher/speaker it is the best software available for effective study and preparation.  This weekend also included: 

  • Jill and I hosted an incredible group for C-3 Class Friday night!  We had a blast! 
  • Saturday morning was spent at the soccer fields with Abigail playing an early game and Josiah playing immediately afterwards. 
  • This morning was incredible as Craig led us through a study of the Passover and into celebrating Communion together.  It was great teaching and a very special time of taking Communion. 
  • Ric and Shelley did a great job of leading worship.  Ric had to use some new band mates because some of his regulars were out playing in other places. 
  • It was great to see some new faces at CATG and also great to see some people back from recent Sundays. 
  • My man Boo Weekley won the Heritage Classic in Hilton Head this afternoon.  He has become one of my favorite golfers on the tour.  Go Boooo!
  • Community Group was great tonight as usual.  My cousin has been visiting the church and she joined us in Community Group tonight and we had a great time.  Thank you to Shamrelle and Troy for hosting and doing a great job of helping lead the group.
  • This week is going to be busy, but it will be a great week!
  • We start “I DID?”, our new marriage series this coming Sunday!  Don’t miss it!  It will be a lot of fun and it will challenge us regarding our marriages. 
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