Apr 282008

Yesterday was a great day!  I wish I could report a massive amount of salvation decisions and some great response or an experience created by an incredible illustration or visual image.  I can’t report that honestly.  Our attendance was ok, our offering was a little low, but I just felt like it was a SOLID day of ministry for CATGrove!  I am seeing God do some awesome things.

  • I was leaving the school after breakdown yesterday and I just couldn’t articulate how I felt .  I wasn’t overly excited like I am some Sundays after we are done, but I wasn’t down or blah about it either.  To be honest, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who serve so generously to make CATGrove a reality.  We were loading up the last things with Troy and Shamrelle and Donnie and Ginger and I was just overwhelmed with the level of commitment so many people have to CATGrove.  Without you we couldn’t do what we do. 
  • So to all those that Set up, break down, greet, serve with children, run sound, fold programs, stand in the parking lot, play or sing, host a community group, lead a community group, or anything I have left out………Thank you for what you do to make CATGrove a reality and for facilitating people hearing about Jesus!  Thank you so much!
  • This is a great post about our priority in marriage that I thought would be appropriate to share in light of what we talked about yesterday.  Read and enjoy!
  • Here is an incredible article about Tony Dungy (Indianapolis Colts head coach) and his thoughts on handling pain in his life.  If you don’t remember, one of his sons committed suicide a few years ago.  He shares some great insights. 
  • After the service, one couple came up to me and asked me how I knew exactly what they were going through.  They have been married for 43 years and said that they have been through a lot of the scenarios that I described that often distract married couples from making one another a priority in their marriage. 
  • Our community group was great last night as we laughed and laughed talking about different memories in our marriages.  It was a blast and I think it was great to discuss some encouraging aspects of our marriage relationships. 
  • I am so burdened for marriages and I want to see God restore some, save some, and help some stay healthy.  Marriages are under such attack, if we are not proactive in providing healthy steps for cultivating godly marriages, the church will continue to be consumed with trying to save struggling marriages already in trouble. 
  • We are too busy trying to keep up with a lifestyle imposed upon us by the culture rather than creating healthy margins of time to work on our marriages and families.  I pray that God will convict us to radically alter our lives in such a way that marriages will move toward health and for families to journey in discipleship together.
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Apr 252008

Last night our Student Community Group had 32 students!  WOW!  That is awesome, but it also means that we need to think about space for them.   See pics below.

If you know of a space like a warehouse, an empty business space or anything, let us know so that we can look at providing our students with a place to grow. 

Thank you to Nathan and Katelyn for your awesome leadership with our students.


Students CATG

Students CATG

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Apr 242008


Yesterday was “Administrative Assistant Day”  and of course we failed to celebrate it but today we are having lunch to celebrate.  We (CATGrove) have an incredible staff. 

Sandy Terrell has been with us since the beginning of CATGrove.  She and Wesley and their two sons, Dustin and Drew were part of the original team that started CATGrove.  They are true servants and have always been willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen for the Kingdom of God.

Sandy is part time (HA HA).  She gets paid part time but has always put in hours that were more like full time.  She ran our youth ministry until Nathan and Katelyn stepped in and she does whatever it takes to make things happen here.  Thank you for your awesome work Sandy!


Nathan Boyd has been with us volunteering as our youth minister until recently joining us part-time.  He will soon be part of our staff as a full-timer.  Nathan came in volunteering to lead our youth ministry asking for nothing in return.  He is such a servant, he is very organized and has become a gifted communicator and is now part of our teaching team.  He and Katelyn will be married December 6 and they are an incredible team!  Nathan’s birthday is this week and we will celebrate his birthday today as well.  Thanks for being part of the team and helping lead CATGrove!

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