Mar 272008

This is a reprise of what has become a well-known talk given by a university professor who is dying from pancreatic cancer. Keep some kleenex handy.

What would comprise your last lecture?

To see the entire lecture (76 minutes) you can click here.

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Mar 262008

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I have felt led to blog a series on the issue of character in leadership.  I can’t help during this election season and with all the high profile leaders failing in disgrace wonder if being a leader requires any character development at all

I love the Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes book series written by Dr. Tim Elmore.  You can learn about Dr. Elmore’s work and order his books at Growing

One of the first images he uses to describe the character development of leaders is that of an iceberg.  Ninety percent of an iceberg remains unseen.  Only ten percent of the iceberg is seen above the surface of the water.  That is how our character development is.  People only see what is above the surface in our lives; they see only ten percent of who we are.  Ninety percent of our character development is below the surface – or – unseen by others.

Character can be defined as “who you are when no one is looking”. 

Our character is a result of:

  • Determining our values to live by.
  • Developing a healthy sense of security only found in Jesus.
  • Declaring your identity as a follower of Jesus.
  • Disciplined habits of integrity.

I had a former pastor who’s ministry ended as a result of an extramarital affair.  He didn’t wake up one morning and decide to step into the realm of infidelity.  He slowly inched toward the slippery slope through making decisions based on faulty values.  His insecurity made him vulnerable to the flirting of another woman.  He wasn’t walking intimately with Jesus.  As a result of poor integrity habits he accepted a lunch invitation alone with a person of the opposite sex and soon his ministry was over.

“It’s what’s below that sinks the ship.”  Check out this verse in Luke 6:43-45 and work on BEING before DOING.

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Mar 242008

This weekend was “off the chain” incredible: (I am not really sure what that means but I think it means really awesome!)

  • The Walnut Grove Easter Egg Hunt had a great turnout and was a huge success.  We did have some people from the Egg Hunt attend yesterday’s Easter Gathering.  It did help that the temperature was above freezing, unlike last year.  Last year the children were crying because their parents made them come out in the cold to hunt eggs.  Thanks to Craig and all our Grover volunteers for making this happen.
  • Thank you to everyone able to come and help set up on Saturday afternoon.  It made Sunday morning extra calm.  A special thanks to Mike Malcom and Adam Hawkins for staying WAY long to help the DCR guys with the lights.  Thank you to your wives as well.  Thanks to the Pelhams, O’Connors and all who are faithful in helping with breakdown every week.  It was great to get out quickly yesterday to get to the Sunday afternoon Easter Dinner!
  • The DCR guys are awesome.  Thanks to Daniel, Chris and Craig for making Sunday morning awesome!  The extra lighting added so much to the environment.  Those guys love Jesus and have servant hearts.  I will post pictures soon.  Thanks to Morgan McHugh and Kevin Gibson for taking pictures this morning.  
  • Sunday morning was incredible!  Huge crowd, tons of guest and Jesus made Himself known!  I am so proud of our CATGrove family.  You guys stepped up and invited your friends and it was awesome.  Ric, Shelley, Mike, Shane and Gabe:  Thank you all for leading us to the throne!  Thanks to all of our people showing up early to help greet and make everyone feel welcome.  We had ten people turn to follow Jesus in our gatherings.  Thanks to Lance boyd for an awesome job at the sound board and doing video at the same time.  My man Billy Guy is awesome at our Media Shout graphics.  Thanks to Billy, Tom Kirby and Josh and Rebekkah for putting up with my unpredictable directions and keeping up every Sunday. 
  • We have and awesome team in our staff.  Craig, Nathan, Ric, Sandy and Rosemary worked awfully hard this week and over the weekend to make yesterday great.  Thank you guys. 
  • Our new children’s environment Kids Grove was launched yesterday and has garnered RAVE reviews.  Thanks to Craig and the team that invested in and pulled this off.  I am very excited about our children’s environment!
  • I heard some great comments yesterday as people were coming and going.  My favorite was, “This morning was sooo good.  You have restored my faith in the church.  I had given up.”  WOW!  I also heard a lot of “We will be back next week.”  I love hearing those.
  • After breakdown, I went to my friend Jimmy’s house and we ate BIG.  We joined with some other neighbors and friends and ate an incredible meal.  That man can cook!  We had a blast hanging out with everybody. 
  • My niece Katie had her second child on Easter Sunday morning.  Luke was 6 lbs. 12 oz.  and everyone is doing great. 
  • I thank God for waiting to send Ric’s wife Allison into labor until after Easter Sunday morning.  I now pray you will go ahead and let her have this baby!  Sorry to make you wait Allison.
  • GREAT WEEKEND, GREAT GOD!  Let’s do it again this week.
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