Mar 312008

One of the great character flaws among leaders is “insecurity”.  Insecure leaders are vulnerable to failure in the area of character.  Many leaders succumb to temptation because of their lack of security.  Someone or something cross their path that boost their ego and gives them momentary security. 

In Dr. Tim Elmore’s Habitude’s series he tells the story of the “Golden Buddha”.  The Golden Buddha was discovered in Bangkok, Thailand over forty years ago.  It had sat for a long time coated in ugly concrete until one day it was moved and the concrete coating cracked and the beautiful gold was surprisingly discovered!  While covered in concrete it would collect garbage, drink cans, and other objects, all because it was not seen as an object of value.  When the gold inside was discovered, it was treated and handled differently. 

Tim Elmore tells us:

“Leaders cannot perform well if they fail to see the gold inside of them.  Good leaders take a personal inventory of their God-given gifts.  This shapes self-image and, consequently, their results.”

How has this principle has applied to me:

  • My security first comes in the fact that my identity and value is in being a child of God and a follower of Jesus ALONE, not being a pastor or a successful leader. Read Psalm 139:13-15 and 2 Cor. 5:17
  • My security comes second in being the husband of Jill and the father of Josiah, Abigail, and Caleb.  I want to be a success in their eyes more than I want to be a success in the eyes of the people in ChurchWorld or the people at CATGrove!
  • I have big dreams for CATGrove.  I see a multiple campus church.  I see a church planting school.  I see planting churches around the world.  I see raising up champions for Jesus and changing the landscape of East Metro Atlanta!  If God chooses to lead CATGrove in a different direction, I must submit to the plan He chooses rather than my personal dream.  I accept what He plans and does. 
  • I will work hard and do my best to fulfill my calling and I will leave the rest up to God. 

Secure leaders accomplish more in God’s Power without sacrificing God’s glory, their identity, or their family on the altar of success or self-indulgence. 

Secure leaders speak the truth without worrying about others’ approval.  Secure leaders pursue the vision God has given them by faith and not in their own power.  Secure leaders are attacked, but can resist temptation because they live for the audience of ONE!

Secure Leaders understand that CHARACTER DOES MATTER!

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Mar 302008

This has been a weekend of mixed emotions:

  • Ric Wortham, our worship leader, and his wife Allison had their first child Saturday morning at about 2:30am!  What an exciting time when new life comes into the world.  Elijah was 9 lbs. 4 oz.
  • My heart grieves for my friend Steve.  His twin brother passed away Saturday morning around 9am. 
  • I thought of this verse here.
  • Today was a great day at the CATGrove.  Many new faces and it was exciting to see so many faces back from the last few weeks. 
  • It was amazing to see the crowd considering the weather and the fact that this is the first Sunday of the Spring Break weeks. 
  • I am loving the series we are doing called “Paparazzi” on the Sermon on the Mount!
  • We had a great Community Group tonight.  We had 3 new people tonight!  We ate Mexican!
  • Ric and the Band were awesome this morning, especially considering that he has not slept much in the last few days with the baby coming. 
  • We have two more weeks of “Paparazzi” and then a week on the Passover and Communion and then we start a two week series on Marriage.  I am excited about our teaching schedule.
  • Today was the second week of Kids Grove and I am continuing to hear awesome feedback on how the kids are enjoying it. 
  • I am very excited about what is going on at CATGrove right now.
  • Waffle House opened on Thursday in Walnut Grove and I am already on a first name basis with everyone there.  I feel a season of weight gain coming on!  I hope not.  I need accountability.
  • These next two weeks are Spring Break weeks.  I am planning on having some fun with the family and taking some time for the kids. 
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Mar 282008

Easter Sunday 2008 will go down as one of the most significant days in my mind for CATGrove!  It was awesome!  There are a few more pics below.  But what happens now?  We must keep the Big Mo!  How do we keep the momentum? 

  • First of all, it is not US!  It is God that does the work, not YOU or ME. 
  • He does allow us to be a part of what He is doing.  He uses willing hearts to glorify Him and to reach out to others.
  • Make contact today or tomorrow with some of the guest you brought last week and encourage them to come back this Sunday for part 2 of the “Paparazzi” series.
  • Maybe send them a link of the CATG website and remind them they can listen to the message again on the web.  Send them a link to this blog showing the pictures from Easter Sunday.
  • Most important of all.  PRAY!  Pray for the people that came last week, pray they come back and pray that God works in their heart. 
  • Make sure YOU are back this Sunday!
  • Invite someone new to this Sunday’s service.  I was so proud of our CATGrovers for inviting and reaching out to people.  Keep it going.  Develop the habit of inviting others weekly.

Ask God to make His Kingdom visibly seen in your daily life.  That is what “Paparazzi” is all about.  Drawing “Paparazzi” type attention to Jesus working in us and through us!

Easter Sunday


Easter CATG

Easter Nathan

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