Feb 212008

Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson spoke on Tuesday morning at “Evolve: ChurchPlanters.com Conference” on

The Secure Leader

“Insecurity will undercut your ministry and it’s longevity.” 

King Saul is an explicit biblical example of the secure leader and Batterson launched his session by reading 1Samuel 14:35; 1 Samuel 15:10-12, and 1 Samuel 15:17

Important principles in being a secure leader:

  • Don’t play the comparison game.  “Saul killed his thousands-David killed his 10,000’s”  Comparison always turns a leader in one of two extremes-pride or jealousy.
  • Success isn’t numbers.  Success is determined by the respect you have of those closest to you.
  • Celebrate your failures.  Failures don’t have to produce fear! “Curse the barren fig tree!”
  • Don’t Panic!  People will scatter.
  • Don’t get defensive!  Ignore people (critics) that don’t serve.  When criticism comes, how do you handle it?
  • Surround yourself with the right people.  Your greatest asset will become your greatest threat toward insecurity.
  • Keep building altars to God.

Enjoy the journey.

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Feb 212008

One of the best parts of getting away for a day and a half at a conference is catching up with friends. 

I need to thank Chad Cottle for helping me out with a place to stay on Monday night.  He has a big budget being a student pastor at a big established church.  He has given some prayer and thought to planting a church.  He will probably need someone to pick up the tab on the room at a future conference!  HA!  I had a blast hanging out with Chad and talking church planting.  I am praying for him!  He also supplies my recruiting info on the DAWGS.  When I am having withdrawals I call him.  I can’t wait to hang out with him and his students this summer.

Scott McInnis is an old seminary friend.  I am actually the old one.  I got him into this mess called church planting and I thought he should come to the conference to be motivated to continue in church planting for at least another six months.  That is about how long you can commit at this stage.  We’ll go to another conference in July or August.  Just kidding.  Scott is pastor of WellSpring in Senoia, GA.  He is a great pastor, but more importantly a great friend.

I also had the chance to catch up with Adam Walker who is in the process of planting The Gathering Church in Decatur, GA.  Adam is in process of putting his Core Team together.  If anyone wants to move to Decatur, let me know.  He needs people to help him reach that city for Jesus.  Adam is a super sharp, godly leader.  I can’t wait to see what God does through this new work. 

Mark Ayers is a new friend planting in Flowery Branch of Hall County.  It is called Reveal Church and I didn’t get a chance to talk much with Mark but the name of the church, his blog, his business cards and his website are awesome.  I am sure it REVEALS a lot of about him and what God will do.

 This doesn’t scratch the surface on all the people I got to hang out with and catch up with but it is a few that I had some great conversations with. 

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Feb 202008


I returned home last night and had some fun with the family before having some great time talking with Jill about what God is teaching me and what I learned at the churchplanters conference. 

Yesterday morning may have been the most convicting session of the conference but my least favorite.  Its kind of like eating broccoli or spinach–you know its good for you but it just doesn’t taste good.  Darrin Patrick is the pastor of The Journey in St. Louis, Missouri and he spoke on “The Spiritual Leader”. 

He shared Mark 1:9-13 and

Colossians 2:6 and

He defined salvation as “Repenting and believing the gospel.”  Pastors are good at talking about repenting but they are terrible repenters.  Repentance is “turning from doing life our way and doing life God’s way.”  This was a huge “OUCH” for me.  I haven’t blogged about this but I had a significant experience with God in an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean while on my way to Africa around 3 weeks ago.  I repented–I turned from doing some specific things in my own strength and I turned to walk down the path of God’s strength in those areas.  It was LIBERATING!  I will blog again on some of this later.

Darrin Patrick challenged us to identify “idols” in our life and repent from those idols.  He defined idols as “anything in my life that occupies the place that belongs to God alone”.  I had to repent of lifting up “myself” as an idol.  I don’t worship myself for the most part but I do believe, at times, that I can accomplish things in my own strength that should be reserved for only the power of God.  I have to repent from attempting in my power what ONLY GOD can do!

“It is easier to moralize or psychologize than to repent.”  Darrin Patrick

When I live a life of repentance and turn to walk the way of Jesus rather than my own way, I can imagine God saying this over my life!

More on the sessions from Mark Batterson later. 

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Feb 192008

Where else but a churchplanter conference can you hear a Celine Dion song and hear a bleached blond bapticostal church planter preach on the anointing of God? 

Yesterday was a great opening day for the ’08 “Evolve” Churchplanters.com conference.  Props to Shawn, David, and the Mountain Lake Team for their hospitality and excellence in putting on an excellent conference.

Shawn Lovejoy did an awesome job opening the conference with challenging us to be Healthy Leaders. 

1 Timothy1:7

  • The key to Healthy leadership is discipline.  Discipline is leading and managing myself. 
  • This hit me between my eyes:  People won’t respect me as a leader if they don’t view me as a discipline person and a disciplined leader. 

Proverbs 25:28

My first breakout was “Breaking Growth Barriers” with Steven Furtick.  He first read from 2 Kings 4:1-7.

  • Thoughts from Furtick:  There is no shortage of oil, there is only a shortage of our capacity.  The shortage is never God’s capability but always our capacity. 
  • Healthy, living things always grow! Our job is to accommodate what God already wants to do!

Main session with Steven Furtick: “Courageous Leadership” Joshua 10:12

  • Courageous Leadership is not the product of cut and paste, it must be born from the inside out.  You can’t mimic anyone else’s miracle and be a courageous leader!
  • The difference between a daydream and a burning vision is the audacity to ACT!
  • This session encouraged me from the standpoint of confirming our vision, but challenged me to hear from God for the next immediate steps.  Step out in faith!
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