Feb 262008

Bil Cornelius led the final session of the Churchplanters.com “Evolve” Conference.  I don’t know if it was because I needed it or if it was simply that good, but it was an incredible way to close the conference.  Here is a synopsis:

  • The resilient leader in every difficulty sees an opposite opportunity.  Adversity is your greatest friend.  Opportunities and opposition go together.  1 Corinthians 16:9.  “You don’t know someone’s heart until you’ve really disappointed them.”  This is a great quote.  You may have to chew on it.
  • The resilient Leader focuses on the glory of God! Philippians 3:10.  God’s blessings on your life is not predicated on people’s approval.  Whatever you focus on, you get more of it.  Act unquestionable, as if the fruit is already there.
  • The resilient leader understands the need to be faithful.  The resilient leader understands diligence.  Proverbs 22:29  Practice and grow in Prayer and Thinking.  Seeking people’s approval will lead to your demise.  What you think about most becomes manifest in your life. Bil told a story of a baseball player that built a batting cage and hit baseballs until his hands bled.  As churchplanters, pastors, and leaders, we must swing the bat until our hands bleed.  Practice and understand the law of large numbers.  Become a terrible quitter.  Acts 5:28
  • Resilient Leaders create a culture of loyalty.  We are called to protect our church from bad sheep!  Matthew 18:15  You teach people how to treat you. 
  • The resilient Leader finds confidence in your call of Christ and the fact you are chosen of God.  2 Corinthians 10:13

You can go here to hear the Bil Cornelius’ talk yourself.

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Feb 252008

Craig’s grandmother died this past week and they had the funeral on Friday.  Pray for their family.  I also had a funeral I led for CATGrover Shane Cloudt’s grandmother Mrs. Jessie Thomas.  Mrs. Jessie was 90 years old and it was honor to speak at her funeral.  Pray for Shane and his family as they get back to routine.  Yesterday was crazy with a busy schedule.

This morning was awesome!

  • My friend Jimmy came to help with sound even though he had been sick all night. 
  • I am so thankful for Ric, Shelley, and Mike’s Leadership in worship this morning.  there were lots of comments on the job they did in leading.
  • Our Media Shout people don’t get a lot of recognition.  Today Josh and Rebekkah Holt did our media shout AND greeted for the 11am service. They had a lot going on.
  • I really liked our stage setup.  We simply need lighting.
  • All the setup and breakdown teams are awesome.  Thank you all for the investment you are making in the lives of people coming.
  • Brian Peart did an awesome job this morning sharing the “Seven signs of Financial Bondage”.  You need to have him come to your church and lead people to financial freedom.
  • Our second service was absolutely full even without the children in the auditorium. 
  • The Financial Freedom Workshop was great.  This is our first ever and we had 15 people attend the very first one.  If they are faithful to follow up with their homework, God will change their life.
  • I am more excited right now about the life of Church at the Grove than maybe any other time since we launched!  I am not entirely sure why, but I just sense God doing something really significant.
  • Baptism service next Sunday.  If you are interested in being baptized, let us know.  
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Feb 232008

Here is a short video bumper we used in our “WALK” series.  It is simple:  As we “WALK” through our routines of life, let’s keep our head up and be aware of the people around us who we “WALK” by everyday and when we see them remember they are someone for whom Jesus died.

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Feb 222008


Just thought I would give a glance at my day yesterday.  I am praying over yesterday and asking God to continue to work in some connections he allowed me to make.

7:00 – I spent the morning at Youth Middle School at our Starbuck Thursday coffee house for the teachers.  Craig came up with a brilliant idea to create a coffee house every Thursday in February.  They come by on their planning period and hang out, drink coffee, eat goodies, and play Wii.  Craig set it up on Wednesday afternoon.  I brewed coffee and talked with teachers and staff and played a little Wii golf.  Mrs. Ginger Lynch is the principal at YMS.  She and her staff and faculty are the best.  Sandy, Nathan, Katelyn and Lisa came up to help us.

12noon – I spent a couple of hours with Shane and his family talking and planning his grandmother’s funeral.  Shane is with the Dekalb Police and attends CATGrove.  He is a great guy and God has really worked in his life this past year.  His grandmother, Jessie Thomas, passed away on Wednesday afternoon.  She lived to be 90 years old and was still driving her car up to three weeks ago.  I pray that I can offer encouragement and honor her life when I speak at her funeral tomorrow.  She was a Christian lady and lived a full life, loving her family right up to the end.  I had a blast hanging out and talking with Shane’s family.

2:30 – I stopped by our CATG office to grab some things on the way back to help Craig break down the coffee house. 

3:15 – Craig had already broken down everything.  I helped him load up a little.  Pray for Craig.  His grandmother passed away a couple of days ago and they have the funeral tomorrow.  It has been a tough time for he and his family.  She lived a long full life and they have that to be thankful for.

3:45 – I spent a couple of hours with some officers at the Loganville PD.  I love being their chaplain!  These guys are great and they have a great leader in Chief Mike. 

6:15 – Thank God!  I went back to the school parking lot and found some keys that had fallen out of my pocket and fell in the parking lot.  They were right where I hoped I would find them.  What a blessing not to lose those keys!  No jokes please!

6:30 – Home!  Hanging out with the family.  Jill and the kids had a rough day.  Josiah twisted his ankle at gymnastics.  Abigail has had a fever.  Caleb may have “pinkeye”.  Jill was thankful that the day was coming to an end. 

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