Feb 292008

 Title Screen

These gatherings are among my very favorite and this Sunday we have seven people that we get to baptize. 

This is a symbol, an act that they follow through with after turning from their own ways and turning toward a journey in Jesus. 

It is exciting to see them willing to stand in front of many people unashamed to share that they’re followers of Jesus. 

 It is a true celebration. 

We will baptize seven individuals, 3 in the 9:30 gathering and then 4 individuals in the 11am gathering. 

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Feb 292008

 Happy Birthday

One year and 233 posts ago I started this blog  having no idea how it would turn out.  It seemed like a good idea to help our church keep up with our vision and what was going on in my heart and life. 

I think it has encouraged people.  I know it has ticked a few people off!  But mostly it has help me process my thoughts, dreams and vision for life and churchplanting.  I am thankful for enjoying it enough to be consistent. 

For some nostalgia, check out my first posts here and here.

Tell what you think of my blog for the past year and if it has encouraged you, ticked you off, or if you generally just don’t care.  Send me a post!

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Feb 272008

Based on an article in Rev Magazine  on “The American Church in Crisis” and the website by the research at The American Church.org, attendance at Christian churches from 1990 to 2006 has remained constant with about 52 million people attending church services on any given weekend.  During those 16 years, however, the population of the United States has grown by an equivalent number, 52 million people.  Church attendance has not come anywhere close to keeping up with population growth. 

In 1990 about 20.6 percent of the U.S. population was in church on any given weekend, today only 17.3 percent are in worship. 

While about 4000 new churches are started in the United States yearly, that number is nearly neutralized by the closing of 3,700 churches each year.  To keep up with the populaton growth, 2900 additional new churches need to begin yearly

What will you do to join the movement where new churches are started?  More people come to follow Jesus in newly planted Churches.

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Feb 262008

I pulled through Starbuck’s drive-through today while Craig was with me.  Many of you know that I went into recovery last fall from Starbucks because I was spending too much money.  I was using a gift card I received at Christmas today.  It was obvious I have a problem when I began to order my drink through the speaker system and the guy taking my order (a grande Caramel Macchiato in a Venti cup with extra whip cream) was able to finish my sentence for me and then said “Hello Russ, I will get you your usual.” 

I was busted!

I don’t like it when people spiritualize everything, but later today I couldn’t help but thinking, “What am I known for?”  If I am known at Starbucks as the guy who orders a certain type of cup of coffee, is it possible that I am known for other things in other circles?  Am I known for tipping servers well?  Am I known for being a servant?  Am I known for being a godly father?  Am I known for talking about my wife in a positive manner?  Am I known for my integrity and godly character? 

I want to be known for more than ordering a “Grande caramel macchiato in a venti cup with extra whip cream”! 

Although they are good.

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