Jul 312007

I went to Tennessee this past weekend for a wedding and I heard I missed out on some sizzling steaks at Church!  Where else could you go to church and experience pig slop and someone grilling steaks than CATGrove!  I continue to receive feedback on how incredible the service was at CATGrove this past weekend.  I have heard that the worship was awesome and that Craig “painted” a picture through his teaching. 

Man, it is great to be back home!  I loved being at the wedding with friends but I did not love sitting on I-24 north of Chattanooga for three hours without moving!

I am anticipating a huge weekend at CATGrove this weekend!  Why?

  • We are going back to two services and I predict a record breaking crowd this weekend.
  • Wait until you see the set design for our new series “Bullies” that David Odom and Craig Story have come up with.  We couldn’t do this without Lance Boyd.  He is the man when it comes to helping our ideas become a reality.
  • I truly believe more people will turn to Christ this month of August than all the previous months combined. 
  • Many of you have been investing in friendships with the idea of inviting them to CATGrove and many of those people will be here this weekend and the coming weeks.
  • This weekend is exactly four weeks until the “DAWGS” open their season with Oklahoma State.  (Sorry, I digress.)
  • We will continue to see our vision of sharing Christ with disconnected and unconvinced people.
  • We will continue to show this community that we can worship God without being boring.
  • We will continue to demonstrate extraordinary love from an extraordinary God.

You have got to check out this hilarious blog post from a crazy pastor Perry Noble!

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Jul 292007

We begin a new teaching series “Bullies” on Sunday August 5.  We are “connecting” with the start of the new school year and playing off the idea of playground “bullies”.  We will take a look at great Old Testament “bullies”  and how we should deal with the “bullies” in our lives.

Check out our graphics for the series:


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Jul 282007

I am taking part in a wedding today of two incredible people, Kyle Todd and Kendra Coggins.  I met Kendra and her family (Ken, Linda and Kaylee) while serving as youth minister at First Baptist Church, Smyrna, Tennessee.  I quickly bonded with the Coggins family because of our common ties to Georgia and especially to UGA football.  The were a “DAWG” oasis in the midst of a volunteer state of hostility! 

I told Kendra last night that I believed two elements were essential for a great marriage: 

  • Make Jesus Lord of your household.
  • Laugh a lot!

The Coggins family has been significant in the life of CATGrove!  They have supported us financially and with prayer and encouragement.  Their support and encouragement has been immeasurable. 

Here is a picture of the beautiful couple.

Kyle and Kendra

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Jul 272007

I love taking creative elements and utilizing them to convey the gospel of Jesus!  David Odom and Craig Story do an incredible job of using their talents and technology to package our teaching series in an unforgettable manner. 

Craig just finished an add for Town Values Magazine, published by Glenn and Michelle Pelham.  David and Craig shared on the graphic work.  It looks great!  Check it out below.

Using these creative elements creates excitement and curiosity and makes it easier for you to invite a neighbor or friend to our Sunday morning gathering.  Be thinking of the people you want to invite especially with school starting back next week.  Our schedules are calming a little and people will be able and willing to come.  They simply need someone to invite them.


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