Jun 302007

Please pray for our team of students and adults that will be leaving tomorrow afternoon to Mississippi to work fulfilling needs left from Katrina.

It will an exciting trip.  Many of these students have not been on a mission trip before.  It will be great!

Pray for our:

  • Safety as we travel.
  • Conversations and relational growth among those attending.
  • Harmony and unity among the mission team.
  • For energy and compassion as we work and minister among the locals still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.
  • For needs to be met practically and spiritually.
  • For our team members to be stretched beyond where they currently feel safe doing ministry. 

It will be a great trip.  We will post some pics later in the week!

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Jun 302007

A long time good friend and former intern (many years ago) of mine found out some rather bad news a couple of days ago.  His wife has colon cancer!  They have 3 young children and they both have faithfully served in ministry in the local church and parachurch areas. 

Cancer sucks!

I have grown weary of the price that cancer forces individuals to pay.  I continue to hear of friends or family members of friends who enter the fight to beat cancer.  It is a burden.  When I hear about it, I am forced to consider what I know to be true.

  • God is in control.
  • God is good.
  • God has a plan.
  • He can use anything in our lives for His redemptive plan and to bring Him glory.

I could go on. 

I am forced in times like these to repeat a quote I first heard from one of my pastors.  “When you can’t trace His hand, you simply have to trust His heart.”

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Jun 282007

Many of you know my love for reading.  I am currently reading through Judges in the Old Testament and the pastoral letter to Titus in the New Testament.  I am also finishing a couple of books I started on vacation.  I had a mentor tell me years ago that my ability to lead will be tied to what I read and the leaders I learn from.

I found a great speed reading tool on the internet through a blog from my friend Adam Walker.  It is spreeder.com

It will be great for reading a large block of material at one time in an attempt to get the overview of a story or thought.  Try it out.  You can go to biblegateway.com and copy text into spreeder and see how it works. 

May God Bless the reading of His Word!

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Jun 272007

I had a vacation last week and I have had some technical difficulties with my blog.  I NOW AM BACK!

I want to dedicate this blog to my wife in honor of our 12th anniversary which was this past Sunday June 24!  The decision I made to marry Jill was the 2nd best and most important decision of my life.  Because:

  • God was all over the circumstances for our meeting and coming together!
  • She loves me unconditionally!  That is good because it takes a lot of unconditional love to put up with me.  (Please don’t ask her why.)
  • She is by far the most godly person I know on the planet.  She loves Jesus with all her heart.
  • She loves me unconditionally.  If you knew me, you would understand why that needs to be mentioned twice.
  • She is the GREATEST mom in the world!  She does an incredible job with the kids.
  • She is FUN!  I love to make her laugh and I love to hear her laugh.  She laughs at almost all my jokes.  That is called unconditional love!
  • She can DANCE!
  • She can SING!
  • She knows the Word of God.  She keeps me accountable with my biblical interpretation and message presentation.
  • She is beautiful.
  • She is has integrity and character beyond any person I know.
  • She is the love of my life!


Try clicking on the picture and see the full version.

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