Mar 272007

I am absolutely ticked off at Satan!  Yes I believe in Satan, we are war against his forces and what his agenda is.  I am tired of him and what is doing among people that are very special to me. 

First of all, Satan has used deception to keep people from trusting Christ or from turning to Christ for salvation.  THAT IS BAD ENOUGH!

Then he goes off trying to put enmity between God and man through sickness and disease.  I have friends and their families that are enduring much pain and turmoil as a result of Satan’s antics that go all the way back to the garden.

I know the truth!  I know the end of the story!  He can tick me off all he wants to, but in the end, HE GETS KICKED IN THE TEETH!!!  Would you like to join me? 

Check out what this passage in Genesis 3:14-15 says!  It is awesome to be able to hold onto something like this.  Satan is promised to get it in the end!

Until then, we must keep taking the truth, the love, and message of Jesus and share it in as many conversations as possible.

Do me a favor please!  Pray for a few friends and families that are enduring a tough time.  Pray for God to show Himself faithful and to stand in the gap on their behalf.

It is obvious that God is working in Church at the Grove.  All you have to do is look at the opposition creating havoc in people’s lives.

Let’s be faithful to what God has called us to do and when the chance arises, we kick Satan in the teeth!

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Mar 262007

WOW! Yesterday at Church at the Grove was incredible!  Watching people actively deal with the baggage (sin, shame, guilt) yesterday morning was awesome.  It was a draining conclusion to an intense week of preparation. 

I am Wiped Out! 

The looks on everyone’s faces as they left the gathering yesterday revealed a release and freedom.  It was exciting to see people leave with smiles and joyful expressions on their faces.  There were lots of red eyes from shedding tears associated with releasing baggage that we were not created to carry.

It was moving for me to see people write down what has been weighing them down and keeping them from the life God intends for them to live.  Many people (many of you) were able to release things keeping you weighed down for years and years.  Continue to walk in the freedom that Christ has provided for you!

Last night our Community Group was a blast!

Did I say I was Wiped Out!

I want to thank my friend Adam Walker for helping set up this site!  Doesn’t it look great?!  You have to check out his site!  I specifically want you to check out his March 26 post.  It was about……Well, you will just have to read it to believe it. 

Bottom Line:  Jesus does not want us to carry baggage!  Check out Matthew 11:28-30

Although I am Wiped Out, I am energized by what God has called us all to do!  I will get some rest, but I can’t REST until we have reached our community for Jesus!

Travel Light! 

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Mar 242007

I love learning and growing. I don’t mean that I love TESTS and that I am gaining weight. That is not what I mean about growing.

I simply enjoy what God is teaching me on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. It is exciting to learn and grow. From time to time I will post blogs simply on what I am learning.

Here are a few things God is teaching me:

  • I (we) must be “mean” about the vision of Church at the Grove. I am not implying that I should be relationally challenged. I am not going to be ugly to people. The reality is that most churches stop reaching people and having influence because their vision is allowed to drift! Pastor Shawn Lovejoy of Mountain Lake Church in Cumming states that, “Leaders must relentlessly protect the vision of the church.”

He goes on to explain how to do this:

  • Over-communicate the vision! Some of you might get tired of hearing what we are about. Well, I will tell you that we won’t stop till we drop regarding the casting and sharing of the vision of this great Church!
  • Shawn warns about “vision-hijackers”. These are well-meaning (maybe) people that have their own agenda for the church. We must RESIST. Often these people are consumer-christians, spiritual mavericks, or people who just don’t get it.
  • We must develop a culture of generosity! A Part of this is raising and sustaining leaders and another part is raising and sustaining resources. (Yes, part of that is MONEY!)

God has given us a great responsibility to reflect and represent Christ to a world that needs hope! We must be faithful stewards of this great calling and task!

I will continue to share what I am learning over the next days and weeks. Until then:
Walk across the street and have a conversation with someone created in the image of God!

Don’t miss tomorrow (Sunday, March 25) it is going to ROCK!

Mar 222007

The older I get (no jokes, comments, or making fun of me please!) the more gravity wreaks havoc on my body!Things sag where they didn’t before, clothes don’t fit the same and all of that, BUT the biggest difference is related to exercise and fitness activity. I have never been able to jump extremely high or run exceptionally fast or for extreme long distances, but the older I get, the STINKIN’ less I can do anything without killing me!

It all comes down to gravity weighing the ole’ body down! I feel the weight more than ever on my body and the body feels good for nothing!!!!!

Isn’t that the way it is with us spiritually? The more weight we carry spiritually, emotionally, and relationally, the less we feel capable of being loved by God and we feel less capable of being used by God.


I talk to people that have turned to follow Christ and they inevitably say, “Yeah, I trusted Christ to forgive me for my sins, BUT……….THAT IS A BIG BUT! They always refer to something that keeps them from living free!

Either he forgave us or He didn’t. The same work that Christ did on the cross to forgive us from our sins is the same work He did to remove the baggage and free us from the baggage that weighs us down. GRAVITY WREAKS HAVOC ON THE SOUL!

God does not want….nor did He intend for you to carry baggage for the rest of your life! We are not built to carry sin, shame, guilt…..whatever it is, into eternity. I say get rid of it now.

That is what this coming Sunday is about. Getting rid of excess baggage. Man, it is going to be FUN.

I want to jump higher….run faster….dance more freely! God wants that for me too!

The Body can be good for something!

Jesus came to free us from the baggage…….By the way, be prepared to leave Church at the Grove this Sunday as if there is NO Gravity!

See you Sunday….Traveling Light!!!!