Feb 282007

The dream is about creating a place where people can connect and re-connect to God. The dream is to touch lives of people that really don’t have a problem with God but may have a problem with religion and institutionalized religion.

The dream is not something that I personally could come up with! That’s it!! That’s It!! What I have been calling my dream is really not my dream! It is really what God dreams about!

God dreams about reconnecting with people! He is simply looking for people who will stop what they are doing long enough to get it!!

What does God dream about? He dreams about making himself real to people…..hurting people…disenfranchised people….REAL people. That’s what God dreams about! I couldn’t come up with that.

Only He can put that within me!

John 1:14 (NIV) 14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Feb 282007

These past five days have been a blur. I had the honor to be invited to Concord Baptist Church to speak in their morning services of their Mission Sunday. I then went on Monday to Mountain Lake Church for the ChurchPlanters.com’s conference on Church Planting. It was a great two days of learning and growing among some of the great young leaders in the church today.

I can’t help but continue to ask the question over and over……What does it mean to be about the mission of Christ? What does it mean to be missional?

For many years in the church in America it has meant that we send OTHERS out to share the message of Jesus, or for others it means that we send MONEY over seas for missions to take place.

Could it be that being missional or doing missions is what SHOULD happen when we walk out the front door of our own house? Is it possible that we live in a society now where being “on mission” is what should happen with our neighbors and the people we come into contact with every day?

For God’s sakes!!!! We don’t live in the sweet bye and bye Christian country that America once was! Our culture has changed, our society has changed. We now have what I believe are the first two generations among us that have been born and raised in a post-Christian culture.

Because of this we have to think differently!!! This ain’t yo momma’s neighborhood anymore!!

We (those that are Christ-followers) must resist the urge to pull away from engaging culture and people that are far from God. We must be willing to roll up our sleeves and get involved in the lives of people that matter to God.

Being missional isn’t going to be easy. It can be messy! Thank God that He didn’t consider us too messy! He was willing to step out of His world into our World! That’s missional!